”Transitioning to senior school can be difficult for some children as they are expected to prioritise their work and manage their time effectively.  Even though I tried guiding my son, he struggled with this. As these skills are important not only at school, but university and at work I contacted Amita Menon to arrange for Study Skills coaching. After completing the course, he is much better at planning and organising his schedule and likes the fact that he has more free time.  I highly recommend the study skills workshop especially as they are taught how to put it into practice and Amita follows up after the workshop.” S. Din -Parent of Year 7 student

S. Din- Parent of Year 7 Student

“I can’t thank HighQ enough, attending albeit for a relatively short time dramatically increased my daughter’s confidence in mathematics, it made sense of the math she had learnt at school but didn’t particularly understand. HighQ exposed her to friendly, memorable strategies and created quite a shift in my daughter’s attitude to math- much to my delight. I have and would recommend HighQ to any child that either doesn’t enjoy or struggles with maths.”

Deana- Parent of Year 5 TTS

“Amanda had always been strong in maths, but when she dropped to a low score in her first semester results for P6 we were concerned. Enrolling her into a PSLE programme at HighQ gave her the confidence she needed to perform her best. She eventually scored an A* for her PSLE and even asked to come back to HighQ for secondary math! We love the techniques coupled with personalised attention that Amanda got at HighQ”

J. Wong – Parent of PSLE student