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Who are we and what do we do?

HighQ is a learning environment which empowers you to ‘study right, feel right, eat right to learn right’ by providing educators- tutors, coaches and resources to make the learning journey more effective, productive and engaging resulting in creating confident and successful learners!


Creating a world where children can Study Right, Feel Right, Eat Right To Learn Right!


Working in an engaging environment with tutors, coaches and mentors who are committed to their success, students work on individual, customised learning plans at a schedule and pace which works  towards the success of the student.

We fulfil the Promise of “Learning Effectively; Growing Confidently!”

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Academic Coaching (IQ)

Finding it hard locating a learning center which not only provides high quality education but also at an affordable rate?

HIghQ is a learning centre, providing children in Singapore with high quality education at an affordable rate.

Staying committed to being the no.1 learning  provider for children aged 5-18 years

Our aim is to produce significant improvement in learning performance

Great as an after-school supplement, as well as for homeschooling or as an alternative to home tutoring

So How do we do that?

Success Coaching

Did you know that a child’s Emotional Quotient (EQ) contributes almost 80% to the factors determining success in later life?

Numerous studies have shown that EQ improves not only academic achievement and positive behaviour; BUT ALSO reduces stress and can predict up to a 66-79% of variation in performance! In short it has a positive impact on increasing academic performance,  effectiveness & decision making,  improving relationships, health and thereby general quality of life!

Just like an iceberg, many of us bury our true feelings and then experience Titanic moments leading to stress, de-motivation and uncontrolled anger.

Sound familiar??

Nutrition Coaching

Ever wondered if the food your child is eating is affecting your child’s academic performance?

Making healthy food choices and practicing mindful eating plays a vital role in attaining optimal academic performance, particularly during the rigours and challenges of tests and exam time.

Achieving Optimal wellbeing and enhanced academic performance go hand in hand

Eating is necessary to our body functions. Food gives us energy, allows us to think, move and prosper, taking us on the path to achieving optimum wellbeing both emotionally as well as academically.

Are you “eating right” to “learn right”?

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