About HighQ

HighQ makes a difference

At HighQ we make learning a joyful adventure.  An interactive learning environment which brings together students and coaches across Singapore towards a mutually beneficial relationship across a range of both academic and developmental areas. HighQ provides high quality  learning solutions to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 across different aspects of a child’s learning journey.

Join HighQ and join others in becoming part of a community on their learning journey in pursuit of of their dreams.

Effectively Integrating IQ and EQ towards lifelong success

Focusing not only on enriching children academically, HighQ effectively integrates EQ into the learning journey, thereby creating a holistic environment which ensures lifelong success.

Suitable for children across different curricula (Singapore MOE, IB, GCSE, American, Australian, Canadian to name a few), profiles (Homeschoolers, Student athletes and sportspeople, Special needs, Gifted and Talented etc.), disciplines (Math, Sciences, Humanities, Languages, Mind and Body) and geography.

How can we help your child?

Our experienced tutors and coaches provide homework help, tutoring, exam prep, Health and Fitness, success coaching, counselling and career help, training in Study Skills.  Delivered via customised learning plans designed to address individual student requirements.

Academic                               Emotional Intelligence                 Nutrition

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Here’s why our students love us

Amazing Coaches – Learn and get coached from the best and most experienced tutors, coaches and mentors. who have the ability to understand learner profiles while keeping the learning process on track, are key to providing an effective learning experience.

Personalised and Interactive – Experienced tutors who communicate effectively, monitor student attendance and progress and provide the necessary support, is what our students rate very highly

Security Guaranteed – A classroom environment which is safe for your children where lessons are monitored carefully.

Easy Access – Well located in an area easily accessible by public transport

Inter-Disciplinary – We are unique in that we provide not only academic support but also emotional and developmental support.  We help children cope with and excel academically but at the same time also work with them to manage exam and emotional stress through study and organisational skills, coaching for success, nutritional and fitness coaching and college counselling to name a few

And guess what – It’s all available in a single location!!

Don’t rely on us… Hear it from our students and Parents.

“Amanda had always been strong in maths, but wehen she dropped to a low score in her first semester results for P6 we were concerned. Enrolling her into a PSLE programme at HighQ gave her the confidence she needed to perform her best. She eventually scored an A* for her PSLE and even asked to come back to HighQ for secondary math! We love the techniques coupled with personalised attention that Amanda got at HighQ”   –    J. Wong- Parent of Amanda (P6 student)

”Transitioning to senior school can be difficult for some children as they are expected to prioritise their work and manage their time effectively.  Even though I tried guiding my son, he struggled with this. As these skills are important not only at school, but university and at work I contacted Amita Menon to arrange for Study Skills coaching. After completing the course, he is much better at planning and organising his schedule and likes the fact that he has more free time.  I highly recommend the study skills workshop especially as they are taught how to put it into practice and Amita follows up after the workshop.” S. Din -Parent of Year 7 student

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