The HighQ Story

‘Long term success can come only from an education that instills the “Love of Learning. ” 

It is out of this belief that HighQ was born in 2007.  Over the years, Amita saw numerous children struggle through school and particularly maths resulting in poor grades, lack of confidence and a hatred for the subject in particular and learning in general. Being a mother of 2, she was determined that this was not to be the case for her children and set about researching different methodologies, techniques and systems of education in order to find the best fit for her children.

The uniqueness lies in the process.

Highq focuses on providing the right learning experience: ‘an enjoyable mental environment,’ driving a positive attitude towards learning and in powering the Q- IQ, EQ and SQ,

No Rote Learning!!! “Learn to think” not “Memorise”

Our promise: Studying Right, Feeling Right,Eating Right to Learning Right!.

Initially set up as a learning programme where children came to boost their math skills, it became abundantly clear very quickly that the children needed more than just Math.

Personalisation is key

Highq is a learning center which empowers the child to ‘study right, feel right, eat right to learn right’ by customising learning plans and providing the right educators/ mentors- tutors, coaches and resources to make the learning journey more effective, productive and engaging resulting in creating confident and successful learners!

Resilience is the key to success

Growing up in a highly competitive environment, children face a lot of pressure from all sides.  As parents, we all try and do the best we can for our children but it’s easy to get caught “in the rut,” succumb to “peer pressure”  etc. and sometimes unknowingly ignore the emotional side completely.  Studies have shown that social emotional Learning (SEL)  is equally if not more important for long term success.

Adding Value across the Globe

Started as an experiment with her own children and those of a few very close friends; the idea was to test the theory and see if it works.  The results exceeded expectations.  By combining academic support with mentoring soft skills like “study skills,” “learning strategies,” “tips on being resilient, ” etc.., we saw a transformation.

The Result: Children who were intelligent and academically able but shy, disorganised or stressed turned into confident, Independant, resourceful high performers in school.

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